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    News - 17/06/2016

    (Italiano) Mediolanum Art Gallery

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    News - 13/05/2016

    ArkArt on web

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    News - 10/04/2016

    “Art Nordic Ehibitions” 2016 in Copenhagen

    Art Nordic, one of the biggest art fair in Northern Europe, will soon open its doors. 250 artists will exhibit their works of art, and among the others there will […]

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    News - 13/03/2016

    “Arte a Palazzo” Exhibition in Farini Concept Gallery

    Andrea Prandi will present a journey through the man’s birth, his comparison with the universe and the relationship with his soul: “Origin”, “System” e “Le Quattro Stagioni dell’Anima”. The exhibition will take place […]


    Interviews - 05/01/2016

    Andrea Prandi’s interview by RAI3 television

    ArkArt Studio to the 4th January 2016 edition of TGR Veneto. TGR Veneto Edizione del 04.01.16


    Press - 24/12/2015

    Star Wars in ArkArt Atelier

    Article published in the newspaper L’Arena on 24/12/2015


    Press - 05/11/2015

    “Panspermia” awarded at the Florence Biennale ’15

    Article published in newspaper L’Arena on 5/11/2015  


    News - 24/10/2015

    “Panspermia” to the Blonska Ciardi conference “The Resounding of Universe”

    Margherita Blonska Ciardi during the conference “The Resounding of Universe – Music, Science and Art” in Florence Biennale, talked about the relationship between art and science developed by the ancient artists and e […]