Blooming Soul



I was asleep on the edge of invisible, iside and outside of myself, I was looking for a way to go through, only to exist

The entire life in a flower. In a permanent, elegant gait that seems to be the echo of an ancient iconographic parade, figures move inside a complex installation that manifests, through a progressive disclosure, the importance of awareness of the present time and its potential, within a world in which beauty seems to keep its fleeting nature intact, and the inhabitants, afflicted by transience and inconstancy, preserve their emotional intimacy without any compromise. Since ancient times, the images of the four seasons have marked human life, moving forward inexorably and conveying the concept of a, cyclical, time out of time of which Nature seems to be the only sovereign. Four Seasons, the cardinal points, the elements, the phases of the moon, the Evangelists, the Knights of the Apocalypse, the liberal arts of the quadrivium and, according to ancient traditions, the regions of the world, the winds, the rivers crossing it. From the floors to the windows, from the façades to the architectural structures, the number 4 and its multiples look out to remind man of its earthly dimension, its limits, its fragility. Prandi looks onto the edge of this tangible numerical evidence to highlight the correspondences between man and the universe and, like in an elaborate microcosm, trace, and investigate the original connection. Prandi’s artistic and conceptual research marries the visual and kinetic investigation in the short film “The blooming soul”. The work of art, through the movement of which it is pervaded, involves the senses of the observer actively, activating An all-immersive situation and favouring the resurfacing of emotions to elaborate according to one’s own experience. The video focuses the attention on the evolutionary possibility of man who often feels as if deprived of the freedom that is instead available to him; it exhorts to introject the content and make it its own with an imaginative effort filled with possibilities. The seasons are a narrative expedient, a response to an interior vocation that does not belong only to the artist but to any man able to make choices. Enclosed in the, still closed, corolla of a flower, the phases of life gradually reveal their secrets; four petals become eight, inviting the viewer to reflect symbolically into the decomposition of oneself, facing the distortion of the known; spring and summer follow, displaying the iconographic structure of a quantum atom, the synthesis of the connection and interaction between the soul and matter. Inside, the short film narrates the evolutionary process that the soul makes to get into touch with its most intimate and true part, a dreamlike journey that displays its hidden possibilities to the observer.
Humanity, in front of an invisible and apparently impassable wall, is called to the understanding of four seasonal moments that have different emotional nuances, corresponding to as many meanings. Autumn brings understanding, winter rejection, spring, belief, summer brings life. The barrier becomes progressively a border, a margin, a threshold. Young souls are grown up, unable, at first, to choose, to change their horizon, then a change comes in the moment coinciding with full awareness. Introspection is the way towards a revelation that is the attainment of the deepest self, says Prandi: reality can change: the world can still be in the hands of man when its soul is reminded to be an infinite fragment of the universe that dominates it. Through the suggestions proposed by the artist, everyone is invited to retrace their own, in a kind of futuristic flashback that, through multiple emotional levels, guide the life of each one towards the right direction: that of a continuous change.

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