Born in 1979 in San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, Andrea Prandi began his artistic training at the Academy of Fine Arts Cignaroli, focusing on painting, decoration and anatomy.

His artistic research continued with Giorgio Scarato, a well known Cignaroli academic and an internationally renowned illustrator, who led him to master painting on canvas and and the secrets of comics illustration.

A  huge passion for scriptwriting and directing led Prandi to attend many specialization courses, such as the Blue-shuttle Masterclass, thanks to which he learned techniques and secrets from the main talent in cinema and animation fields.

During early years of his production, Prandi devoted his art to the theme of memory with the intention of capturing momentum in its emotional essence, creating works in which canvases, frames and three-dimensional connections blend into original artistic compositions.

Following creations derived from the encounter between art and science with profound and introspective analysis, and they were focused on the secrets of the cosmos.

The artistic work of Andrea Prandi speaks to memory and heart. It is his precise intention to recontact the most intimate part of the self, the one that allows curiosity and open-mindedness, typical traits of childhood, free from prejudice, full of possibilities and eager for knowledge.

His art has always been expressed in a polyhedric way: from painting on canvas to illustration, from photography to digital art, from screenwriting to directing. Main themes at the center of his work are also diversified and always characterized by a deep interest in human soul and its hidden faces.

From 2011 up to present day the artist has been at the center of numerous personal exhibitions and shows hosted in museums, galleries and historical locations. Among the main ones there are those held in the cities of Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Mantua, Milan, Lucca, Florence, Padua, Perugia, Rome, Verona, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik and London, as well as participations in art fairs in Madrid, Miami and New York.

In the year 2015 Prandi was invited by the Municipality of Bolzano to create a personal exhibition inside the Planetarium Südtirol Alto Adige. Later that year Prandi opened its own atelier in Verona with the personal exhibition Oltre il confine. 2015 was also the year of his second prize at the Digital Art Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” – X International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence with his work Panspermia, the result of 3600 underwater photographs. The installation was joined by a short film directed by the artist himself in which he documented his creative process. Panspermia represents a dreamlike vision of the Oort Cloud in which comets, represented as sleeping human bodies, float around the solar system, ready to bring the seed of life on Earth. Through this work Prandi wanted to remind the innate ability to preserve a secret life within each one interiority, a space for a true connection with the deepest part of ourselves.

During the year 2016 Prandi has exhibited in Rome, inside Sale del Bramante, in Bologna at the Farini Concept Gallery, in Copenhagen at the Art Nordic Exhibition and in Venice, at the Mazzoleni Foundation inside the JW Marriott Venice resort, for the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

The artist was selected, in the month of October of the same year, for the contemporary art exhibition in the Mediolanum Art Gallery, in the presence of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

In the following month at the Palazzo Reale in Milan he was finalist at the “Art Prize” with the work Al di Là: Prandi was awarded by a jury composed by the editorial staff of the magazine Arte.

During the same period he took part in the exhibition “L’Eternità nell’Arte”, directed by the art critic Giammarco Puntelli, set up in the Basilica dei Santi Quattro Coronati in Rome, on the occasion of the Jubilee of Mercy: within the same exhibition the Catalog of Modern Italian Art Nr. 52 – Editorial Giorgio Mondadori – was presented; it also included the artistic work of Andrea Prandi.

The year ended in Rome with the award “Best Artist 2016”,organized by the Arte Musei Roma association at the Cerere space, with the work Presenza.

2017 was the year of his solo exhibition at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, where Prandi presented Il Labirinto dei Sogni, an immersive installation with a 360-degree involvement of the public. The viewer had the ability to investigate, through comparison with recurrent dreams, his own unexpressed intimacy, in a sort of mirroring and alienating effect that could lead to an otherwise obscure dimension. Ordinary people in a bed that is the object and subject of the disorienting tangle, the crossroads of their mind, to meet a recurring dream that defines and characterizes them. The artist is placed symbolically within that fulcrum, willing to confront his dark side, without hesitation.

With this work Prandi hypothesizes for humanity the possibility of two paths: a shorter one, immune to dangers, and a tortuous and intricate one, which leads to an inevitable encounter and clash.

In the spring of 2017 Andrea Prandi took part in the Bologna Expo and the 3rd edition of the Triennale of Visual Arts in Rome entitled “Aeterna” – opened by art critics Daniele Radini Tedeschi and Achille Bonito Oliva – exhibiting at the Complesso del Vittoriano and at Palazzo Velli the works related to his articulated project Le Quattro Stagioni dellʼAnima.

This complex work projected Prandi at the center of international events, such as the Artexpo in New York with the Wikiarte Gallery of Bologna. The artist continued the development of  Le Quattro Stagioni dellʼAnima by merging video art into a complex kinetic installation with the addition of a short film directed by himself, in an opera entitled LʼAnima in Fiore. Images and frames described the ascent of the soul that becomes aware of itself, recognizes itself, sublimates itself, rises and is reborn in an evolutionary process that passes through four seasons of its feeling, which have actually been desired by the bitter taste of  experience. Prandi transformed the human being into a work of art, staging its existence and drama like a primordial action that guarantees access to the inner world. L’ Anima in Fiore was presented in May 2017 at the 57th International Art Exhibition “La Biennale di Venezia” in the National Pavilion of Guatemala, curated by the historian and art critic Daniele Radini Tedeschi and, on his invitation, Andrea Prandi was called, as an international artist, to interpret the theme of the exhibition “La Marge”.

In October 2017 the artist took part in the “Infinity: when art dialogues with medicine and science” project with the exhibition at Palazzo Ducale in Sabbioneta, Mantua, with the exhibition at the Pall Mall Gallery in London in conjunction with the Frieze Art Fair London 2017 and at the Sebastian Art Gallery in Dubrovnik.

In the same month at the XI International Art Florence  Biennial he received a special mention by the president of the jury Pasquale Celona, for his latest project I Fiori della Terra.

The artist closed the year with the GrandArt and the Milano Scultura fairs and with the solo show at the Wikiarte Gallery in Bologna.

In 2018 Prandi, together with the CreativeLiv company, participated in the Fuorisalone del Mobile – Milan Design Week in the MADE4ART area of Tortona,  with the Metamorphosis art and design project, an innovative proposal of contemporary art and design which mixed the artistic inspiration of the versatile artist from Verona with interior design.

The year continued with the attendance at “Le Scelte di Puntelli Tour” curated by the critic Giammarco Puntelli, to whom the artist is invited to exhibit his works in the Church of Santa Maria dei Laici in Gubbio, an historical place of great cultural interest dating back to the 14th century. The same exhibition continued the following month in another place of great charm: the Scuderie Estensi of Tivoli.

In the months of May and June a collection of his works was exhibited at the Fineco Center in Asti in the exhibition “Oltre la tela .. l’uomo”, curated by the Alfieri Gallery and presented by the editor of Cairo Group Carlo Motta.

In September 2018 Andrea Prandi received the “Lodovico Morando” award, a prestigious award given to Veronese artists who have distinguished themselves in the world thanks to their art. In the same month his works Somnia and Insomnia, belonging to the Labirinto collection, were exhibited in Rome in the halls of the Great Mosque.

2018 ended with the participation in the 4th edition of Milano Scultura with the works belonging to the Cosmogonia project.

In March 2019 Andrea Prandi took part in the international Hybrid Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid with the work Somnium et Incubo. In the following month, another international attendance with Fuorisalone del Mobile in Milan where the installation Il Labirinto dei Sogni was exposed at the event of the German company Emma Matratzen.

In May the artist was called to contribute to the exhibition “500 years of Leonardo” in Marina di Pietrasanta – Villa La Versiliana, and in Lucca – Ex Incanto and Palazzo della Cultura: his tribute to the genius was his work, in Leonardo’s style, Il Fiore della Vita.

From 7 September to 31 December 2019 the work Lʼanima in Fiore, selected for the International Review of Contemporary Art “Human Rights? #Clima” created by AIAPI Visual Arts with Alberto Ronca, is on display at the Campana dei Caduti Foundation in Rovereto and, from the following year, it will become a permanent work of the foundation.

From November 26 to December 4, the artist presents his new collection on the theme of the labyrinth at the Chorus exhibition, curated by Valerio Deho at the M.A.C. Milan.

Market quotations for Andrea Prandi are published in the Catalog of Modern Italian Art Nr. 52, 53, 54, 55 where his name is classified in the “IS” category, as an artist reported by art critics, with an international geographical extension.