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  • News - 21/11/2019


    Press - 01/11/2019

    Mondadori Art Catalogue n 55

    L’artista è presente all’interno del CAM n. 55 con l’opera “Ritratto dell’Uomo Labirinto”

    News - 27/08/2019

    Blooming Soul selected for contemporary art exhibition “Human Rights? #Clima” curated by Alberto Ronca.

    The international contemporary art exhibition: “Human Rights? #Clima” by AIAPI Arti Visive, curated by Alberto Ronca, has selected the artwork Blooming Soul (presented at 57’ Biennale di Venezia), along with […]

    News - 09/05/2019

    Edited by Stefano Giraldi and Lodovico Gierut

    The exhibition will be inaugurated on 11th may with two official ceremonies (11.00 at Versiliana, and 17.00 at Ex Incanto) to cut the ribbon in the two exhibition seats.

    News - 17/04/2019

    Emma Matratzen honors “Maze of Dreams”

    In occasion of the “Fuorisalone del mobile di Milano”, in the german company Emma Matratzen exposition space, will be displayed “Maze of Dreams” Article IL GIORNO 5 April 2019

    Press - 01/11/2018

    Mondadori Art Catalogue n 54

    L’artista è presente all’interno del CAM n. 54 con l’opera “Somnium et Incubo”