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  • Interviews - 05/01/2016

    Andrea Prandi’s interview by RAI3 television

    ArkArt Studio to the 4th January 2016 edition of TGR Veneto. TGR Veneto Edizione del 04.01.16

    Press - 24/12/2015

    Star Wars in ArkArt Atelier

    Article published in the newspaper L’Arena on 24/12/2015

    Press - 05/11/2015

    “Panspermia” awarded at the Florence Biennale ’15

    Article published in newspaper L’Arena on 5/11/2015  

    News - 24/10/2015

    “Panspermia” to the Blonska Ciardi conference “The Resounding of Universe”

    Margherita Blonska Ciardi during the conference “The Resounding of Universe – Music, Science and Art” in Florence Biennale, talked about the relationship between art and science developed by the ancient artists and e […]

    Press - 31/07/2015

    “The Mysteries of the Universe” at Planetarium Südtirol Alto Adige

    Article published in the newspaper Dolomiten on 31/07/2015  

    Press - 31/05/2015

    The opera’s birth “Panspermia”

    Article published on the newspaper L’Arena on 31/05/2015