PROF. GIORGIO GRASSO – Art critique and historian

Andrea Prandi: the time traveller

When observing the works of this artist, one naturally reaches this conclusion because Andrea, as well as being highly creative and having innate communication skills, presents and represents in his works an unconscious knowledge of the past and of the future, almost as if the centuries that separate history have become a thin thread in his expert hands. His art transports us into oneiric or ancient places abounding in inner emotions that dig their roots into the origins of the cosmos, all the way to the conscience of the contingent. Andrea sets up a direct dialogue with the observers of his art, in search of an intimate astonishment, caught in the essence of the fleeting moment, capable of renewing its emotional meaning with each new reading. With his art he is capable of sparking in us the memory of the thinner side of things, so as to extract a different and unusual interpretation, in search of the elevation of the most intimate and hidden self. He spasmodically believes in his intense and felt visions and in his capacity to transform human feelings through a universal thought capable of changing anything. He leads us to the dark corners of what we do not know so as to allow human awareness to be born again through a positive universal thought in which light constantly prevails over darkness. His works are the example of a complex and maniacal processing of multiple techniques, genres and styles all absolutely different one from the other but equivalent in complexity and intensity of meaning. The conceptual depth of his work stems from the will to move beyond the precordial self, the explosion of feeling that starts in the soul and develops along paths of life and of acquisition of awareness. To lose one’s self in his art means to find the way back to that emotion that lives in each one of us, giving us the chance to once again lift our eyes to the sky and discover that, as in our dreams, the stars are within reach.

Prof. Giorgio Grasso – Art critique and historian